Promoting an active lifestyle for a healthier community.

The Sports and Recreation Centre at Hilltop Centre

Maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to a healthy mind and body. It also enables people to save money on healthcare costs in the long run.

Recreation centers can offer many programs for youth, teen and adult members of the community. They can also host sports events that help build community pride and bring residents together.

Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is a space for individuals to exercise and improve their physical health. It can include facilities such as a swimming pool, gym equipment and other exercise rooms. It can also feature group exercise classes such as spinning, BodyPump and yoga.

Boredom can set in at the gym, so it is important to have a variety of equipment and programs that keep members interested. In addition, the fitness center should provide a range of services that support patrons, such as parking and a coffee shop.

The Fitness Center should be staffed by a professionally trained team. They should be registered with a recognised industry association, such as AUSactive, and operate in line with the National Code of Practice. They should also have current certification in first aid and CPR.

Indoor Track & Field Athletic Complex

The top floor of the facility contains a large track field with six 60-meter sprint lanes and a jogging oval. There are also dedicated areas for high jumping and vaulting, a throwing cage and a full-size Daktronics scoring and message center.

The track is used for both intramural and varsity sports activities. It can be converted to a multipurpose space for events including banquets with stage presentations, concerts and trade expos.

The facility replaces Meister-Kavan Field and expands Brown’s capacity for varsity, club and intramural athletics while mitigating noise impacts to surrounding residential neighborhoods. Brown selected Sasaki for the project based on its skill and experience designing active indoor sports facilities for other schools and colleges. The firm has a dedicated practice for sport, wellness and student life projects.

Multi-Purpose Fields

Multi-purpose sports fields take up less space than a dedicated field for each individual sport. It’s also a much more affordable option for sports and recreation centres. Multi-purpose fields can support a variety of different sports and can be used all year round without affecting the performance of players.

Generally, these are made from synthetic turf. This type of surface is ideal for multi-purpose fields because it can withstand a lot of use and doesn’t need to be resting between games.

Many institutions are switching from natural grass to multi-use artificial turf because it reduces maintenance costs and is ready for play in all seasons, barring precipitation. Some even use acrylic floors or tartan floor, which are shock-absorbing and minimize injury to players. This is very important for a safe playing environment.

Basketball Courts

The basketball courts at the sports and recreation centre are a great place to get some practice in for your favorite sport. They offer a nice surface to shoot around on and plenty of seats for spectators.

The courts are also available for drop-in activities during certain hours, including basketball, futsal, volleyball, badminton, and pickleball. ARC members can check the schedule on displays in the court area to find out the times.

There are many factors to consider when building a basketball court. First, the material is important. Asphalt is a preferred option for outdoor courts as it stands up best to the elements and weather effects. Other options include hardwood (which needs a yearly polyurethane coating) and multi-purpose plastic flooring which has a smooth slab of concrete for foundation and top surface of polypropylene squares snapped together in any shape and design.

Billiards Room

The billiard room (also called pool room or snooker room) is a recreation space equipped with a billiard table. It is typically located in a residential home or in a recreational facility. The term billiard room is also used to refer to a commercial establishment that provides public billiard tables. The Hilltop Center sports and recreation centre contains a billiard room. It also houses 18 state-of-the-art tennis courts, 12 of which are lit for evening play. Its wood-floor courts are impact-cushioned, comfortable on players’ joints. The facility also has several multipurpose rooms. Some of them are tick-marked for volleyball and basketball, and others have ballet bars and are suitable for a variety of other activities.

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